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2023 Lander Fall Invite

November 11th at Bruce Gresly Aquatics Center

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our mission:

The mission of the Lander diving club is to teach and promote the sport of springboard diving within a safe and positive environment

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LDC 2018 laramie.jpg

Learn the basics of springboard diving! With a focus on dryland training, skill development and diving instruction, get an introduction into the world of diving.


1 day/wk          $40/mo

2 days/wk        $60/mo

5358 Divers

Learn progressive springboard diving skills, dryland training and preparation for diving competition at local, high school, regional and national levels.


1 day/wk          $60/mo

2 days/wk        $90/mo

3 days/wk        $120/mo

Registration fees:

LDC registration $25/yr
LDC family registration $35/yr
AAU athlete membership $20/yr

The current LDC volunteer board:

Tonya Blunck - President

Anne Even - Vice-president

Jennifer McClung - Secretary/treasurer

Rachel Husbyn

Shawna Morgan

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